Modern Dining Room Chandelier

    Choosing The Right Dining Room Chandelier

    Lighting is an essential aspect when it comes to decorating a home and it is no less important in a main room like the dining room so don’t leave this out when deciding on a design. There are a number of options to choose from in this room in the house just like other rooms. One of the most popular is a dining room chandelier.

    Dining room chandeliers adds illumination and elegance to your dining room. However, you still need to choose what the right chandelier for your dining room is. Here are some tips for you. As noted, choosing a dining room chandelier is not simply a matter of picking a favorite and buying it. Instead, the buyer must choose a chandelier that fits with the rest of the dining room in terms of its size, its style, and its brightness. A chandelier that is too big or bold will dominate the room and look unbalanced.

    A chandelier that clashes with the style of the room will produce an inharmonious feel in the space. The buyer should choose a chandelier that makes the dining room look good to the buyer. As a rule of thumb, a dining room chandelier should be about a foot narrower than the table’s widest width. It should hang no lower than 30 inches above the table and no less than 2 feet from the ceiling. There must be at least five feet of clearance between the table and the ceiling in order to accommodate a chandelier. Table height is generally around three feet. Does this mean that a room must have an 8-foot ceiling to hang a chandelier? No; while chandeliers do look good in high-ceilinged rooms, a lower room could look good with a mini chandelier. The key is to keep the light fixture well-positioned and proportionate to the space.

    The buyer must make sure that the chandelier will not block the view across the table, however. Also, if the table is likely to be moved for any reason, such as a party, make sure that the chandelier is not so low that a tall person could bump into it. Another thing to consider with the size of a chandelier is its weight. Particularly with a larger chandelier, make sure that it is mounted securely to ceiling structures capable of bearing the weight. Chandeliers must match the mood of a room as well as its size. If the entire dining room is decorated according to a specific style, then identifying a matching chandelier is easy. Rustic decor dictates a chandelier made of rough wood.

    A Victorian dining room calls for crystal chandeliers. A more mixed decorating scheme may make choosing a bit more difficult, but the key is to find a piece that looks at home in the room. When considering color, look at the colors of the table settings, picture frames, and candle sticks, as well as the furniture and walls. A warm brass chandelier might clash with a room dominated by silver trimmings. Bring photographs of the dining room along when shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. This is a great way to make sure a potential purchase matches the decor. Internet shoppers can work from a laptop or tablet in the dining room where the chandelier will go.

    So enjoy making the choices of dining room chandelier because when you pick one out it will make all the difference.

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