Music Restoration - Video/Film to DVD 

Re-Mastering from:

  • Cassettes
  • Vinyl  LP and 45rpm Records
  • 78 's
  • Reel-to-reel Audio tape

    Did you know…

  • Repeated playing of vinyl records with a worn stylus leads to damaged grooves and distortion
  • Have you tried to buy a replacement stylus recently?
  • Environmental pollution is eating away at your record collection even if you aren't playing the records
  • The more you play your vinyl - the less you get each time!
  • Scratches & Clicks take away from the music - and you can do something about it...

CD ya STUFF was established to allow music collectors with aging records and tapes to have them professionally restored, re-mastered and transferred to Compact Disc at an affordable rate. With over 30 years background in the music industry, we offer an experienced service in music production.

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Transfer VHS video to DVD Service now Available
We now offer a professional transfer facility for your old video tapes, films and slides. We are specialist in 8mm High8 to DVD
Help preserve your special memories forever

Redwood Entertainment (our retail shop) is in Ballarat, Victoria. We are able to offer competitive prices to all Australians for video transfers and production.
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